hello fellow complainers!

well, the first thing is this site is a site with many musings, ideas, songs I have heard, and other junk. if you enjoy the content, please share on your social media bullpoop.

The first things on here - March 6th or 7th, perceptually, 2020

ok so introduction: I am a product of the 21st century, a scummy rat on the very edge of suburban life, still privileged enough to have a below minimum wage job and healthcare derived from childhood. yes it's an illegal pay, but it's family business, aka should I rat out on my father? anyways, this site is ran by a loony so run noe if you are scared. also I am a band member of the world famous Yeahdude musical group and the Lanky bros. also I am sorry for being born, very much, many people in this world believe I should have less rights due to my inclination towards an effeminate personality enough so that I feel like I was a mutant 1 microsecond away from my DNA choosing the XY chromosome or whatever the girl one is, but then it fudged up. I have never told people this because I hear the horrible things people do to transgender youth. like I was at the secretary of state and these 2 old white assholes where being asked to sign a petition wherein the equal opportunity for housing and employment section of some law's wording was to be changed explaing "sex" meant gender orientation, gender identity and etc. but as soon as their simple minds found out it would support the rights of transgender folks they noped the fuck out of there!! I just cannot believe someone would want to limit the rights of an innocent someone else. and of course there are the murders, which cannot be forgotten. so many words, right? I love words, so it is easy to keep writing. that is why I made the site, well one reason. i also would like to use it as a space to promote music that is rarely discussed or is too "uncomfortable" for the general audience. No post malone here or nicky minaj, sorry kids, and ESPECIALLY no Olde T own Road. just noisy Noise music. I really need to find some new music that is noisy and soulful enough because I have had trouble been stuck listening to 70s and 80s alternative for years (it's just too good, Bauhaus!) but I don't believe that music has "gone to shit" because shitty music has always existed, so I just need to find the way. I have a strange problem with just looking througg the endless bandcamp list or looking for specific genre based music because I want to hear music that is not just trying to sound like the model genre. also I do know html and css decently, but this site is being created from the distraction device (mobile phone) so i'd rather not go all out until I have computer access, but I might keep it basic besides some artwork pictures in future times. okay, onto the next subject, is finding friends over the internet weird? I know it used to be but with all this tinder bullshit it's seeming more acceptable, but that doesnt mean it's a good thing. it's pretentious as shit! face searching, and I feel creepy using it, because I'm not one to judge before trying something. I have social problems so that could add to it, just I can't keep a convo going, I always believe the other person is going to think what I am saying is insane or dumb, which they may be right but I have the fear of creating an awkward moment or saying something too rash, which happens many times when I dont intend it or dont realize how hurtful the statement or opinion could be. I keep to myself too because I know I exist primarily outside the popular culture, although I am a fan of the television series stranger things, which many tend to enjoy. I loved it so much that while drunk as shit, I sent many many texts to the actor who played Mike appreciating his role and his music taste among other strange praises. do not worry I am only about a year older than him so any gay thoughts I had were within reason. he never responded.... I am waiting ;) well som etimes I get bored and realize I only have a few amazing friends I get sad, so that's why I have used tinder before and I might go back on there hehehe. it's embarrassing though that I can't hang onto the friends I wanna make. pretty much I might have too many bullshit "prerequisites" like oh Bauhaus listener, Checkmark. musical instrument fondler: checkmark. but that's really it!! oh and not an asshole who is a racist homophobe all the above jerkaholic. in America at least, this combi nation is a rarity, solely because not many listen to bauhaus. I have sadly met too many asshole commercial instrument users who have held antihumanitarian beliefs and just wanted FAME and that means they dont have individuality due to their trying to be like the best selling artists of the late 2010s. ugh too much crap. and that's why this site is called complainers, where the whiney teens and youngins all flock to hear an angry white kid rant about politics and music and more. That will be the end of today. next time maybe I'l talk about the drug use and electronics if want more introduction is needed. but soon I'l have actual subjects that have nothing to do with my ugly self, I'm sure it was annoying unless you think alike, and in that case, send an email to complainers@protonmail.com to talk to me directly or share ideas for a future post with higher production value!! ok ok ok, finally BYE BYE!!